Website Design & Development

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Usually in today’s time search for the business starts from the website, thus every brand should have an upper hand to generate interest in the mind of the audience, through website. About 40% of the audience will not engage with the website if the content is not attractive.

We at Kridhan Konnect deliver attractive websites, that engages the visitor more and more, Our team ideates, creates, implements and takes care of the whole process of defining the website.

Landing Page creation will be campaign centric, where the maximum number of engagement will be taken care off.

Ecommerce advance websites are developed for better engagement and defining user friendly experience and sales as the primary goal.

We generate eye centric blogs for the brand that allows the reader to get engaged to the website more and more

Mobile optimization of the website is taken care by us, as about 75% of the user based platform is majorly shifted to the mobile optimized website.

There is a major change in frequency of website changing, we at Kridhan Konnect take care of website redesigning and providing best solution to the brand for better engagement ratio with the audience

We also provide CMS based solution, this helps in completely controlling the website without relying on third parties.

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